Prices for Hajj campaigns
Trip Name
Mobile No
Phone No
Single Occupancy
Double Occupancy
Tripple Occupancy
Quadruple Occupancy
Al Hamadi for Hajj and Umrah5550161944433307No Data350002900028000
Altawba for Hajj and Umrah558019914447715180000550005000046000
Alwajba for Hajj and Ummra 330405334465172952000350002900027000
Albyan for Hajj and Umrah668925054441682277000470004050037000
Al-Furqan for Hajj and Umrah5550343044355055No Data8900069000No Data
Almanasik for Hajj and Umrah558188654442263449000340002900026500
Alnoor for Hajj and UMRAH505570004038034475500465003900035000
Alquds for Hajj, Umrah and Tourism777729624435351445000360002800026600
Ansar for Hajj and Umrah7022404544114225لا يوجدلا يوجدلا يوجدلا يوجد
Arhama for Hajj and Umrah5555580670423333لا يوجدلا يوجدلا يوجدلا يوجد
Hatem for Hajj and Umrah330405334465172952000350002900027000
Nosook for Hajj and Umrah551980034036077080000550005000046000
Taiba for Hajj and Umrah667519964488492954900379003390030900
Zamzam for Hajj and Umrah773308034499296643900349003190029900