About the Mission

The Minister of Endowment and Islamic affairs forms the Qatari Hajj Mission every year. The Mission comprises the following structure:

• Director
• Executive Manager
• Secretary
• Religious guidance
• Inspection and Control
• Public relations
• IT
• Transportation
• Supplies
• Technical
• Services
• Medical Safety Rules and Regulations
These sections strive to provide the requisite comfort to the pilgrims and follow up with them to ensure their safety and security. To achieve this, the Mission does the following:
1. Representing the State of Qatar in the annual Hajj convention: The Mission participates in the committees, conferences and seminars that are held during the yearly convention with the objective of improving the status of the Muslims.
2. Supervising the Qatari Hajj groups whilst in the sacred land: The Mission makes sure the Hajj groups fulfill their duties towards the pilgrims. They ensure that these groups provide the pilgrims with all means of comfort and security according to the agreement contract signed with the pilgrims.
3. Providing services to the pilgrims from the State of Qatar: These services include providing religious awareness, medical treatment and securing stranded pilgrims. Another aspect is solving problems between the Hajj groups and pilgrims and ensuring that pilgrims complete the Hajj rituals in the best manner.
4. Sincerity: all Mission staff should perform their duties with full sincerity, set a good example, and represent the State of Qatar in a befitting manner. They should cooperate with each other and adhere to Islamic etiquette and teachings and be well organized and implement the Mission's instructions.
5. The Mission Director: He is the highest authority in the Mission and is the one who supervises all its sections and staff members. He is the person who is in charge of financial matters whilst in the sacred land (Makkah). He has the right to give instructions and make the necessary decisions to organize the flow of work. He is the one who allocates tasks and distributes the responsibilities of the Mission staff. He monitors job performance of the staff and has the right to question people for any shortcoming in their performance.
6. Investigating and solving problems: The Mission director is in charge of the initial investigation regarding any violations committed by the Hajj groups and their staff which are related to the fulfillment of the conditions and duties (towards the pilgrims) whilst in the sacred Land.
7. Reporting: The Mission writes comprehensive reports about its performance and that of various Hajj groups and the pilgrims and submits it to the Hajj committee upon their return to the State of Qatar. This report should be submitted no longer than one month from the time of their return and all supporting documents and evidences substantiating their report should be included with the report.

Mission Address:
Makkah Al-Mukarramah
South Azizia
Taif Road
Near Alawi Tunisian Hospital
Tel: +96625544426 - 96625544425
Fax: +96625544421